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Knee-capping Your Career

“I was kind of thinking that…” “I just wanted to say…” Language like this doesn’t communicate confidence. And as a result, you might be knee-capping your own career. 

Six-Figure Swagger

Let’s talk about something I call six-figure swagger! And yes, you can swagger even while working from home and communicating remotely. In fact, without outside distractions at the office, there’s no better time to work on creating a confident, personal brand.

Confidence: Fake It ‘Til Ya Make It

Whether you’ve just graduated, or you’re a seasoned pro, we all have career decisions that give us some anxiety. Recently, a friend’s teenager asked her, “How am I supposed to get a job based on experience if no one will hire me and give me experience?”

Pits, Valleys and Crevasses

How many of us how been in a hole of a different shape and size? Like is full of peaks and valleys. And you, my friends, will experience them all.

Time Management in a Pandemic

Have you noticed that when we only have one thing on the To-Do List, we get nothing done, but if we have 15 things on the list we get most of them done?? It’s all about momentum and time management.

Don’t Lock Down Your Goals

You may be sheltering in place or even locked down at home, but your goals don’t have to be. It’s time for long-term thinking, planning and strategizing.

How to sell with sensitivity

What weird and trying times we are in! I know people are afraid. Afraid of getting sick, losing money in their retirement, having enough to eat, being able to pay their mortgage, spending money. It’s times like this that we might be tempted to think: I can’t sell anything! But that’s not true. In fact, what if I told you that this is actually the perfect time to sell? What if I told you that there is a way to sell in times just like this? There is! It is called kindness.

Selling yourself  is not “luck”

My friend Jamie gets whatever she wants in life. What makes her so compelling? Is it luck? No, it’s confidence! She knows she is great at what she does, and she is motivated always to put the best version of herself out there.  

Herding Cats for a Living

Keeping teams in line and working toward a single goal is a huge challenge; not everyone is cut out to build teamwork! It’s herding cats for a living.

Turning Good Behaviors into Great Habits

Your success is directly related to your deeply rooted habits! What you do, consistently and naturally, translates into how well you will succeed.

Setting Boundaries

You put in countless hours and pour your heart and soul into accomplishing your plan. But no matter how hard you try; it just doesn’t seem to be working.

My plan isn’t working… now what??

You put in countless hours and pour your heart and soul into accomplishing your plan. But no matter how hard you try; it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Building a network

Your network can determine your success! Knowing the right people in the right places can enable you to land that dream job, acquire that ideal client and really excel at what you do.

Making Yourself Accountable

The truth is, your success depends upon your accountability. You are the only one who can really do this! Here’s how to motivate yourself to your best level of achievement. After all, it is up to you! 

Finding the courage to quit

Do you find that your job no longer challenges you? Or maybe your work environment is just downright toxic? So much of your life is spent on your career, so that time should be satisfying! If you are miserable, what is the point?!

What’s on your wish list?

A letter to Santa is the first “wish list” many of us ever compile….and sometimes the ONLY one. But why do we stop?

Networking the Holiday Party Like a Boss

Whether you’re the boss, part of a team or someone’s date – parties can be a great self-marketing tool! Networking the holiday party requires a little extra finesse though.

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