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The 1st Lady of Sales®

Top-rated speaker, best-selling author and consultant Dr. Cindy® is on a mission to empower people and companies to get what they want … through sales! Yep, “sales,” that icky word that makes people cringe.

How did she learn to embrace that dreaded activity? After years of consulting companies and helping them grow their business, she had an epiphany: every job really is a sales job.  And every person is a salesperson.

Throughout her careers as a college professor, a salesperson and a consultant, Dr. Cindy realized that people can get more of what they want in work AND in life by using the skills of sales professionals.

She is in fact a doctor – although not the medical kind! – with her master’s in Communication and doctorate in Organizational Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational Leadership and Ethics. Today she focuses on bringing companies and people together to grow their businesses and get what they want in life and in work. Because, believe it or not: you were born with sales skills, and Dr. Cindy wants to help you embrace your inner sales person to get what you want and deserve.

And it’s not tough, she uses a simple five-step formula that’s easy to remember, easy to stick to, and easy to achieve. But it’s so revolutionary that once she redefines the concept of sales, the world will need a new word for it!

Every Job is a Sales Job, is a goldmine for people both comfortable and uncomfortable with selling.  It is not only filled with valuable tools and techniques you can immediately use, but stories that are easily relatable to drive home each point. No matter what line of work you’re in, you will find this book a tremendous value as we are all selling 24/7.

Jeff Wolf – President of Wolf Management Consultants and author of the international bestseller, Seven Disciplines of a Leader.

Dr. Cindy McGovern will rock your world! She transforms “sales” and “selling” from a dirty word with what she calls the “ick” factor into the vital heartbeat of every job, through motivational coaching to psych up the reader and a systematic, practical 5-step plan to de-mystify the sales process. Who couldn’t benefit from that? If you can’t hire Dr. Cindy as your sales coach, her book is the next best thing! Far from an academic treatise on selling, McGovern’s book TALKS to the reader in a down-to-earth, inspiring, and at times hilarious way about removing any and all inner resistance to the role of selling that is central to every job. Especially for the non-sales professional, but also for the seasoned pro to receive a booster shot, EVERY JOB IS A SALES JOB is a bestseller candidate that will leave you chuckling, nodding, and muttering “aha” page after page.


I wish I had this book when I graduated college. I wish I had this book when I started in pharma sales. I wish I had this book when I *was* in pharma sales. And I wish I had written this book!

Jamie Reidy – Author of “Hard Sell: The Evolution of A Viagra Salesman”

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