The newest online course at The Orange Leaf Academy is here! Based on Dr. Cindy’s Wall Street bestseller, Every Job Is a Sales Job, don’t miss Embracing Your Inner Salesperson! It will help you tap into your inner 5-year-old and reach your goals.

Many of you have asked where you can get more training and skills development from my books Every Job Is a Sales Job and Sell Yourself. Alongside Orange Leaf Consulting, I created the Orange Leaf Academy – an online learning platform with courses to help you get more of what you want at work and in life.  

Ya’ll know I’m a big fan of lifelong learning and improvement! Each course contains multiple modules, interactive assignments and a final knowledge check, plus some courses offer LIVE coaching with me!

Check out the online learning courses offered now!

The Art of Selling, Level 1

Seasoned pro or new to sales, improve your results by learning to focus on the right activities, create a roadmap, shorten your sales cycle, and take total control of your sales career.

Embracing Your Inner Salesperson

Discover a simple 5-step selling process, perfect for helping non-sales professionals set and achieve your goals. Learn to increase your opportunities at work and in life to get the most of what you want and deserve.

6 Secrets to Grow Your Title Business

Proven growth strategies to help you keep clients, get new ones and grow revenue, even in this changing market.