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1st Lady of Sales™

Truly a great experience. Dr. Cindy McGovern was engaging, enthusiastic, with amazing energy. She made the class fun with interactive workbooks while teaching us sales. Learning about her personal experiences was inspiring while understanding the different techniques she has used in selling. 

Wella Campbell

Client Executive & Insurer Partnership Director , Chubb

Day of Learning at Sprint… Dr. Cindy spoke on how to advance your career with the mindset that “every job is a sales job.” …Approximately 5,000 employees tuned in for her session.

Dr. Cindy’s keynote was based on her book “Every Job Is A Sales Job. How To Use The Art of Selling To Win At Work.” Her keynote was focused on helping people learn to identify the “selling” opportunities that they may have overlooked. She provided a roadmap for participants on how to take control of their personal and professional success.  

Cindy was wonderful to work with. She was crisp, clear and concise. Her follow-up and follow-through were impeccable. She quickly understood what we hoped she would deliver and she customized her message based on what we thought would resonate most and be most meaningful for our audience. Cindy helped us create tools to reinforce learning and make her message actionable. 

Dr. Cindy’s approach is relatable and effective. She provided examples and tools to make her approach understandable and actionable. But most of all Dr. Cindy is authentic, funny, high-energy and is clearly a subject matter expert on the mindset of “every job is a sales job.”

Kenna Eilers

Learning and Development Program Manager, Sprint / T Mobile

I am a freshman in the Buccino Leadership Program that you spoke to yesterday about “Every Job being a Sales Job”. Your speech really resonated with me since I worked in sales during my high school years and I never made that connection between sales and the business world until you spoke. Your steps were really informative – especially when you had us write down five things we want people to say about us when we are not there. It really opened my eyes about how I want to sell myself as someone who is Hardworking, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Helpful, and Loyal. I wanted to give you this personal thank you for your time and for sharing your wisdom.

Zahra Clarke

Student, Buccino Leadership Program

When Dr. Cindy spoke at our UserGroup Conference, she was energetic and had our attendees very engaged and encouraged to apply the message that was shared.

Terri Hanson

ResWare User Group Conference

Cindy McGovern’s session was the highest rated session at the whole conference. People, including me, got a lot out of it. We all learned great tactics with takeaways we could use right away to help drive business. I highly recommend her as a speaker! 

Kenneth R. Trepeta Esq.

President and Executive Director, RESPRO Conference

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cindy McGovern on a variety of projects over the past 15 years. She has been a sponsored speakers for internal and external events ranging from internal Women’s Development Session about personal branding as well as external events we sponsored with a session on sales and overall professional skill development.

All the events were very successful with positive feedback around content and engagement. I highly recommend Dr. McGovern. Her approach mixes simplicity with easy, actionable takeaways – creating measurable ROIs for the participants.

Kathleen S. Ellis

Senior Vice President , CNA International Solutions

I met Dr. Cindy at an American Land Title Association conference in Nashville. I loved her ideas and her approach to sales! She had a new point of view that I had never heard before. I booked her right away for my own upcoming event. Her energy and humor is infectious.


VP, Regional Underwriting Counsel & Forms Counsel

Dr. Cindy is a phenomenal speaker – full of energy and knowledge! We continue to bring her back to our events and programs time and time again because she’s the real deal. She continues to provide our attendees with key takeaways and tools that they can apply instantly when back in the office. She has been one of our top rated speakers the past few years and our audiences love her!

Stacy Riddler


I first heard Dr. Cindy speak at a Fidelity Seminar, and within one month of applying her simple-to-follow technique, I had earned an extra five thousand dollars! Even attorneys can become more than robotic and be transformed into sales people!

Dr. Cindy then entertained our group of attorneys at the SC Bar Convention and helped us see that we had untapped opportunity in our own backyards. Her simple to use technique equated to more repeat customers and happier clients.

Sally Gardocki

Esquire, Law Offices of Sally A. Gardocki, LLC

Our audience was wowed and inspired. I was overjoyed to see my seasoned colleagues taking fast and furious notes. Dr. Cindy made hitting the reset button on our sales strategies a blast. Thank you!

Jennifer Morris

Siegel Artist Management

We love Dr. Cindy! We have worked with her on a range of programs and sales efforts. Her enthusiasm and engaging approach – whether in coaching or speaking – always resonates with participants from a variety of job titles, backgrounds and tenure in the industry. There’s always something new to learn. We consistently hear from attendees about how they put her straightforward insights into action immediately.

Kathleen W. Overlin

Agency Education Manager, Chubb

Dr. Cindy is an expert in sales, growing the market, staffing and recruiting. She has that expertise but also has the superb speaker skills. It really sets her apart. She is always one of our most popular speakers and really makes an impact with our attendees.

Deirdre Green

Director of Professional Development, American Land Title Association

Dr. Cindy delivers! We asked her to speak with our CEO Society Mastermind group on the topics of Leadership & Sales and she knocked it out of the park. The talk was highly relevant, interactive, and engaging (even over Zoom)! Our group felt empowered by the conversation and better prepared to step up in new ways in their businesses!

Hilary P Johnson

Founder + CEO, Hatch Tribe

Just when I thought I had management down, I was sent the blessing of Dr. Cindy. Not only have I grown as a person and a professional from our time together, but I am now more equipped to make each and every day a success in my mind and my heart. We can’t win all the time, but having the gift of my “Cin” is now one of the most valuable tools in my toolbox.

Meredith Boyajy

Operations & Processing Manager , ATG Title, Inc./Alltech National Title

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