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Dr. Cindy is a gifted public speaker, and you can find her on the conference circuit, presenting on a variety of topics. Through engaging stories, humor and even a little audience participation, she helps people to realize that they have been selling their entire lives. And they are good at it! Her energy and drive inspire the audience to embrace their inner toddler and remember that they can sell and they can get what they want in work and in life using those skills they already have.

Here’s just a sample of topics that have been requested over the years. But Dr. Cindy is still a teacher at heart and loves to write new content. She’d be glad to build a custom presentation for your next event.

Death of a salesman: Birth of sales team

Dr. Cindy shows you how to get all hands on deck. Everyone in your organization is a sales rep – of your brand, your services and your products. Learn to reimagine sales within your organization, for your product and yourself.

Get what you want: Get what you deserve

Do you know what sets you apart? Do your clients? Can you articulate what makes you awesome in a single sentence? Dr. Cindy will show you how. Take the next step in your career, business, and goals.

Be the Captain of the ship: Get all hands on deck

Dr. Cindy shares great and battle-tested techniques to keep work teams engaged, excited and motivated. It’s time to grab your team and get everyone rowing in the same direction!

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