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One of today’s cutting-edge business and sales pros, The First Lady of Sales®, reveals how you can create, live, and sell your own powerful personal brand.

Like many people, you may have overlooked the crucial importance of creating a powerful personal brand―and you might not even realize even if you haven’t taken the time to create that personal brand, you still have one. Sell Yourself gives you the tools to own that band and use it to sell yourself exactly how you want.

Dr. Cindy McGovern―known in the business and sales community as “the First Lady of Sales®”―will guide you toward a new way of thinking about the role of your personal brand, and will reveal how you can create, live, and sell that brand. She also will teach you how to overcome any aversion to sales you may have so you can sell that brand like a pro.

You’ll learn how to equip yourself with the essential tools to create, live, and sell a powerful personal brand including:

  • A roadmap to determine what’s most important to you―including core values―which are central to your personal brand.
  • Exercises and tips to help you live your personal brand consistently every day.
  • A five-step process, based on Dr. Cindy’s win-win and collaborative sales philosophy, will help you sell your brand like an experienced sales professional, even if you hate sales.

Packed with anecdotes about successful―and not so successful―personal branding efforts, stories from Dr. Cindy’s own journey, and step-by-step guidance on how to create, live, and sell a powerful personal brand, Sell Yourself reveals a potent formula for creating a rock-solid personal brand―and selling it the right way so you get what you want.

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