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“You may not realize it, but you’re already an excellent salesperson. Dr. Cindy shows you how to harness those abilities you already have, and build real-life success strategies.” 
-Harvey Mackay, #1 New York Times bestselling author


“Loved how she related nearly everything we do in life to a selling opportunity and not always being “Johnny Two Thumbs” was extremely eye-opening…loved this session!”
-Sprint conference participant

Sales Should Have Been Taught in High School

We all sell. Every day. Regardless of what your title says, you are in sales. In business and in life, people strive to promote – or sell – an ideal version of themselves. Asking for a referral, networking, and interviewing for a job are all forms of selling.

The book, Every Job is a Sales Job will, by using real-world examples, help readers identify “selling” opportunities that they may have overlooked. Created for any person – not just those in sales, and for those in any job, regardless of title – this book teaches readers how to use specific skills to advance themselves professionally and personally.

In Sell Yourself, Dr. Cindy McGovern―known in the business and sales community as “the First Lady of Sales®”―will guide you toward a new way of thinking about the role of your personal brand, and will reveal how you can create, live, and sell that brand to sell yourself. She also will teach you how to overcome any aversion to sales you may have so you can sell that brand like a pro.

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Dr. Cindy

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of Sales®

Dr. Cindy® is an international speaker, Wallstreet Journal Best Selling author and consultant, helping people and companies get what they want in work and in life by using the skills of sales pros. Yep, it’s that icky word: “sales!” But combined with her PhD in communication and her experience working with hundreds of companies, she helps take the ick factor out of selling. It works – we promise. But don’t take our word for it, check out what clients have to say in these testimonials!

“Sales changed my life. Learning how to sell at work taught me how to sell anything, anywhere. Sales skills transcend life skills. But nobody teaches us unless we go into sales.”

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Dr. Cindy has presented at both national and international conferences on the topics of Sales, Management, Leadership, Sales Management, and Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution, and Collective Bargaining.

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