Lifesales is a process! You learn to use skills you already have to achieve exactly what you want. And you know what?! They are sales skills! Get ready to embrace your inner salesperson  – even if you are a non-salesperson!

Sales should have been taught in High School


Lifesales is a process that will teach you how to use the skills of the sales professional for all of life’s transactions.. I think I just heard you say, “Ick.” Why would you ever want to try to sell yourself, your ideas or your requests to someone else? Selling is nothing but bullying. Salespeople lie to people. They trick people. Ick. Let me tell you: Those days are gone. Today’s most successful sales professionals use a more “consultative” approach; that is, they work with the other person so both parties get what they want. The key is sales is beneficial for both parties – you get what you want and so does the other person!

You don’t have to be a sales professional, or want a job in sales, or even like salespeople one bit to become an expert at using sales skills to get your way. Once you master the fine art of selling, you’ll be downright flabbergasted by how many opportunities you’ll have every day to put it to work for your benefit.

So let’s get started to unleash your inner salesperson and empower you to get what you truly want in life!

Dr. Cindy

the First Lady
of Sales

I’m Dr. Cindy and I’m here to teach you how to get what you want out of life using simple skills….that you already have!

I didn’t start my life as a salesperson – in fact, I didn’t think of myself as one at all. But when I found myself in a sales role, I realized I had been using sales skills regularly for most of my life. For me the key was realizing there is a simple formula anyone can use and most importantly sales is about helping people. A good transaction means both parties win!

I will teach you to use the skills of a sales professional to go after what you want without the ick factor. Let’s get going and get you on the path to fine tuning the skills you already have to build the life you really want!

“ Sales changed my life. Learning how to sell at work taught me how to sell anything, anywhere. Sales skills transcend life skills. But nobody teaches us unless we go into sales. ”

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Dr. Cindy has presented at both national and international conferences on the topics of Sales, Management, Leadership, Sales Management, and Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Change, Conflict Resolution, and Collective Bargaining.

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