If there was a superpower you could channel for your business life, as well as your personal life, to bring you clarity and help you focus on real goals, would you use it?  

Of course you would! Your superpower is this: the objective, outside perspective and guidance of a coach. Think of it like a power-up or an easter egg (insert the Mario Kart music here… I know, I know, now it’s stuck in your head).  

Hear me out. A coach is a mentor, providing attentive listening, unwavering support, and clear direction. It’s like having your own personal guide to navigate the rapids of life.

Multi-dimensional Coaching

A friend of mine, Courtney, has played tennis since she was a child and competed all the way through to the collegiate level. She still plays for fun and does quite well. Over lunch one day, another friend who had played with her that morning said, “Courtney, you were born with some amazing tennis skills.”  

Courtney was quick to dismiss this compliment. “No, I definitely wasn’t born with it. My skills came from my development under some pretty exceptional coaches.” She explained how awkward tennis was for her for many years. But one day, as a young teenager, she met a coach who transformed her tennis game. “He pointed out one technique I could adjust, and I focused only on that. His encouragement convinced me I could do it. And I did.” After mastering that skill, Courtney and her couch moved on to another. She developed great determination through her teachability, perseverance, and grit. Over the course of a few years, she was ranked near the top of her division in the state.  

The interesting thing is that she never stopped pursuing the opportunity to be coached. After college, when her competitive career was over, she recognized that although she no longer needed a tennis coach, she still wanted others to point out ways she could improve in her career. So, she invested in a sales coach. She said, “Everyone has something to learn. So if a tennis coach helped me as much as he did, I figured having a coach in other areas of my life would be even better.”  

We are always getting coaching

Whenever we seek advice, it’s a form of coaching. But there’s a difference between a professional coach and, say, venting over wine with your sister. It’s like having your brother paint your house or a pro; the pro is going to see the stuff you don’t. I routinely coach sales professionals – from frontline staff to executive leadership. One thing I hear routinely is how professional coaching goes beyond a conversation about sales strategy – it’s like having a tactical expert in your corner. 

Maybe you find yourself stuck and needing to figure out, like Courtney, that “one technique to adjust.” A coach can help you to set or renew a clear sense of purpose and give direction. How do I know all of this? Besides being a professional coach myself, I have two coaches of my own! I practice what I preach because I know the value of having different perspectives and expertise feeding into me. 

Here are some great reasons to be open to coaching and learning: 

Everyone needs a cheerleader. All of us possess untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. A coach can help you uncover those talents and cheer you on to fulfillment. Coaches really see the big picture. Their experience and expertise create a safe place for you to share your struggles while being supported and equipped. By challenging your perceived limitations and nurturing your strengths, the coaching relationship empowers you to embrace your true capabilities.  

Clarity amidst the chaos. There is much to navigate… decisions, responsibilities, and uncertainties. Having a coach in your corner can provide much-needed clarity. A coach serves as a sounding board, helping you untangle your thoughts, identify priorities and chart a clear path forward. A good coach illuminates blind spots in your professional and personal life and helps you make better choices that align with your goals.  

Accountability for Action. Setting goals is one thing, but taking consistent action toward achieving them is a different challenge altogether. One benefit of coaching? Accountability. Actionable steps and regular check-ins with someone committed to your success take you from ideas to results. Coaches keep you accountable every step of the way.  

Life is full of ups and downs

Coaching equips you with the tools to navigate these inevitable challenges with grace and resilience. From managing stress and improving communication to finding deeper connections and having better self-care, coaching nurtures your overall well-being, enabling you to thrive in every area of your life.  

As my friend Courtney said, “Everyone has something to learn and some area to improve.” The best thing that happened? She got out of her own head. She was clearer about her goals, able to create a realistic plan and strategy around those goals and focused on actually working on the plan.