It’s Awesome August! That’s right – I’m naming and claiming it. If you’ve read my past blogs, you know I talk a lot about kindness and gratitude and celebrating the little things. When you combine those three things, you get awesomeness. We’re talking about those moments that catch us off guard and leave us grinning from ear to ear. Whether it’s a surprise card in the mail, a bonus you didn’t expect, or a spontaneous compliment from a stranger, these random acts give us a dose of pure joy and make life a whole lot more awesome.  

We have the power to create those moments of joy for others too! Those little moments have an incredible impact and make the world a happier place.

It’s the little things 

In my online courses, I talk about identifying your superpowers to really figure out your personal brand. But you don’t need a cape to be a hero. Sometimes, it’s the simplest acts that leave the biggest impact. Holding the door open for someone, offering a genuine smile to a stranger, or even leaving a kind note for a coworker—it’s the little things that can turn someone’s day around. You never know what battles others may be fighting, and a small act of awesomeness might just be the boost they need to keep going. 

My friend has been really busy lately with family visiting, helping her sister heal from major surgery, working and completing repairs needed on her home. One day, in a rush, she dropped by her favorite coffee shop in a mad dash between errands. The barista must have been able to read the look on my friend’s face because when the coffee was ready, she said, “This one is on the house. Take a moment to breathe.” My friend smiled (maybe even teared up a little) and exhaled at the barista’s unexpected act of awesomeness. It turned her day into something less frantic and she felt cared for.  

Making waves 

One act of awesomeness has the power to create a ripple effect. Imagine surprising the stranger behind you in line by buying a coffee for them, helping someone at the grocery store reach a shelf, or volunteering to babysit for a friend. Those simple gestures can inspire them to pay it forward and do something awesome for someone else. Before you know it, a chain reaction of awesomeness is set in motion. 

Recently, my friend Mike was in line at the grocery store. He’s a long-haul trucker and just needed a fast ready-to-eat meal. In the line ahead of him was a mom with a toddler and a baby on the way. They struck up a conversation as the line was long and taking a while. He tried to be patient but needed to get back on the road. When it was her turn to check out, she told Mike to go ahead of her and get on the road. The cashier was less friendly about it. The mom stuck to her offer and told the cashier that Mike would be next. After getting his meal, Mike headed out the door and then doubled back. One awesome act deserved another. He handed the mom and the cashier each $100 in cash. The mom was overwhelmed and grateful. The cashier, who had been rude, was stunned. Mike changed everything in that moment for two strangers.  

More than nice 

Random acts of awesomeness have this amazing ability to connect people. When you reach out to help someone or show them a small act of compassion, you’re creating a bond. It’s a reminder that we’re all in this crazy journey called life together. I say it all the time, no one does this life alone. Those moments of connection remind us of our shared humanity and it reminds us of having empathy. It’s about going above and beyond inside and outside of the workplace.  

We underestimate the power we have to make a lasting impact on someone’s day, year, or life. A random act of awesomeness can be a lifeline for someone going through a tough time. It can restore their faith in humanity, remind them that they’re not alone, and give them the strength to keep pushing forward. Your small act of awesomeness may be the catalyst that changes someone’s entire perspective. 

You have the power 

Random acts of awesomeness have a magical way of transforming not just you and the other person, but everyone who witnesses them or is in the pay-it-forward line. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I want to be remembered! I want my personal brand to be a legacy of creating chain reactions of goodness, fostering connections, and spreading positivity. In fact, on July 17, it was National Emoji Day. My favorite? The sparkle emoji! I look at it like throwing around kindness like confetti! 

Wouldn’t it be, well, awesome if we all spend most of August making another person’s day awesome? Combining gratitude, kindness, and celebration are the ingredients. The result is creating happiness for someone else – and, you guessed it – for yourself. Whether it’s paying for a stranger’s meal, leaving a surprise treat for a neighbor, or simply offering a helping hand, your random acts of awesomeness is a beautiful thing. So let’s unleash our awesomeness, one small act at a time, and create a ripple effect that brings joy. And maybe, with any luck, it might just be contagious!