You have goals and you have been working hard to achieve them. You put in countless hours and pour your heart and soul into accomplishing your plan.


But no matter how hard you try; it just doesn’t seem to be working.


Now what?


There is a frustrating and potentially paralyzing feeling that can overwhelm you when the reality of failed plans hits hard. Somewhere in there, fear is whispering to you that you aren’t good enough.


Don’t allow yourself to become crippled and get stuck! Don’t let fear win. Time to evaluate and figure out your next step.  


Do you need a new plan or to fix the plan you have? Are you facing the internal struggle of pushing through and hoping success is around the corner or jumping ship and starting afresh?


Remember, everything is a learning opportunity. As you try to figure out what is next for you, don’t lose sight of the fact that you are growing in knowledge and experience every day!


So, where do you start?


First step, reassess. Are your goals still the same? Are you determined to accomplish what you originally set out to accomplish – a new venture, a business expansion? If so, then let’s look at your plan. Is it still the right path to accomplish your goals. Maybe you need to create a new plan. Determine a new way to take you to your ultimate goal.


Or, have you come to realize that your original goal has changed? Maybe you don’t want to be out on your own anymore or maybe you have decided you want to work in a completely different field. Maybe it’s time to branch out in a new and unexpected way.


Start small. Maybe you have the perfect plan but really need help implementing new strategies to get there. If your goal is the same and you just aren’t sure what happened and why it is not working..then let’s change one thing at a time. Start with something small and work step by step to make it right.


Be willing to walk away. If you really feel like this is not the plan (or even the path you want to take) then be honest with yourself. Is the only reason you keep plugging away because you are afraid to walk away? Be courageous enough to know that this is only getting you further and further from your real goals and plan. Be willing to learn from your losses and redirect your steps.


Don’t worry about what others think. This is a tough one. But, remember, your career does not define you. If your plans have failed, the best definition of your character is what you decide to do next. How you pick yourself up after failure says more about you than never failing at all.


This could be a great opportunity! Look around you. Maybe the plan that didn’t work for you has provided a new opportunity you never expected. One that is exciting and promising. Embrace it! Step out with courage. Some of life’s most defining moments happen when things don’t go according to plan. When my friend Jeff’s marketing business failed, he decided to take a few months and backpack through Europe. He started a travel blog about his experiences, and it took off! He brought in a huge following and opportunities arose for more travel. It became his new full-time job and his greatest passion! His failed business was a blessing in disguise.


Find a little fulfillment. Spend time each day doing something that adds value to your life. Apart from work, do something that matters to you. Exercise, volunteer, help others, create something. Find joy and fulfillment in what you truly enjoy. A small sense of accomplishment in an unrelated area of your life will go a long way to boost your confidence and hope for the future.


Don’t stop learning and growing and stretching yourself!

Remember, what is perceived as a failed plan can really be a great opportunity. The goal you have been pursuing is a good one. The pursuit of that goal has been transforming you. Take a step back and look at everything you have learned. These moments can greatly benefit your success!