There is a current trend causing more damage to your life than you might think. It can suck your energy, take away your motivation, and ultimately hinder your success. What is this dangerous trench? Getting stuck in the familiar.  

 Whether its at work or in your personal life, there are things preventing you from moving forward. It is so easy to get bogged down by routine., by habit, by following the status quo. 

 It’s time to start fresh! Eliminate old routines that are holding you back. Evaluate why you do what you do and get rid of what does not work anymore. Doing what you have always done without continual evaluation and intentional thought is a recipe for disaster. 

 Start by reassessing and reorganizing 

 Create a plan for your life goals 

 Make a bucket list! List your dreams. Things you want to do on the weekend, trips you want to take, experiences you want to have. Having things to look forward to increases happiness. Then plan for those dreams. Tackling your bucket list is one of the best ways to face your biggest hindrance in life: fear. Step out of your comfort zone! Finding courage in your personal life will build confidence that will overflow into your professional life.   


 As you organize, evaluate. Do not keep something just because you have always had it or the same schedule just because it’s what you have always done. 

 Evaluate what is unnecessary in your life. Meetings, technology, phone calls, etc… Are you using these to your advantage? Or are they hindering you?  


 Choose the most important parts of your day and schedule them when you are at your best. Are you a morning person? Tackle your emails first thing. I have a friend who knows she’s most productive in the mornings, so she conquers high-touch tacks first. Do you start slowly in the morning? Plan your important meetings over lunch. Another friend of mine has nationwide clients so her work day is organized by doing work for the east coast first, working on the west coast. Organize your life so it works best for you! 


Re-evaluate the relationships in your life. Work and personal. Pursue people that inspire you and encourage you. Sever ties with toxic connections. When some of those relationships are unavoidable, such as a boss or a family member, set boundaries. Spend less time with people who drain you. 

 Declutter. Your desk, your home, your life!  

Get rid of what you do not use. Store what you use only occasionally. And those things you use every day? Make sure they are the most efficient tool for your task.  

Declutter your schedule. Stop doing things simply out of obligation or guilt. It is hard to say no! But the freedom you will feel by freeing yourself from unnecessary obligations will be invigorating. It will motivate you on your path to success! 

The truth is, its easier to stay stuck in the familiar. But if you want results in life, you have to forward. Time to make some changes! Stop living by habit! Make intentional decisions that are best for your business and for your life!