Do you ever feel like the events of your life are controlling you, instead of the other way around? Even with a solid plan, there are times that it feels you are getting no traction and getting nowhere. There was someone in history who made a statement to that effect. He faced a number of failures, which included losing his job, failing in business ventures, losing his sweetheart, and his mental health. It is no wonder he wrote in a letter to a friend, “I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.”

Oh, by the way, he was also one of the most highly respected and cherished presidents of all time, Abraham Lincoln. In fact, a recent survey rated him as the “greatest president.” (Washington came as a close second.) Events might have controlled Lincoln time and again, but he persisted, and his persistence and fortitude made all the difference.

It made him a winner, and a leader worthy of following.

So as you embark on the journey to achieve what you want in life, remember that failure is part of the process. Every speed bump and roadblock are a part of the process. Stick to your plan and you will ultimately get to where you are going. Sometimes these challenges will cause you to reevaluate the course of action you have taken. And that’s a good thing! If you need to revise your strategy – then do it. What matters when the events of your life seem to be a deck stacked against you, is that you remember that what is within you is far more important than what might surround you at the moment.

So whether your goal is a new job, more friends, buying a house or building a multi-million dollar business, decide that you will be known for your fortitude, your persistence, and your determination to never quit.

Winners never quit. Be a winner, and you will empower your team to be winners too.