Do you find yourself wanting to fight the culture of doing things the way theyve always been done? Do you have great confidence in your abilities and arent afraid to hear the word no? The Intrapreneur loves a challenge. Competitive atmospheres inspire and motivate them.  

Much like an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur is someone who acts as an inside innovator and risk-taker while working in a large company. They are self-motivated and creative problem solvers who have great confidence in their ability to find new ways to succeed. But, it’s not just for certain people – everyone has a little intrapreneur in them! That’s what keeps businesses moving forward and growing! 

The beauty of being an intrapreneur is that while entrepreneurs juggle all the details of starting a new company from the ground up, an intrapreneur can direct their skills to make good things great. They focus on growth and change!  

Successful companies are very welcoming of the intrapreneurial spirit. Good leaders are excited and supportive of what intrapreneurs bring to the table. Gut check time: Are you adding all your value to your organization? Do they see you as an innovative problem solverIt all comes down to finding the gap in service or product and providing the solution. 

Here are a few ways to take that self-motivated problem solving to the next level. 

Stay flexible. Always be ready to re-think how things are done. Ready to change. Dont get stuck in the standard way of doing things. I have a colleague who is constantly asking herself, Why?” She questions everything she does, every step of the way, in order to evaluate whether what she is doing is the most productive way to accomplish her goals. 

Dont wait to be asked. Take on something new without being asked to do so! Find the problem before someone assigns it to you. What around you does not seem to be working? Become proactive! Dont just wait for assignments, be self-motivated to help your company excel.  

Come to your boss with more than just an ideaAnything less is just complaining. I have a friend who used to tell her team, “I’m ok hearing about obstacles and issues, but bring me a possible solution and show me you thought it through.” Determine how you can make your idea a reality. Take the time to brainstorm possible scenarios of success. Come up with a few different methods to implement your plan that will ultimately help the company to capitalize on its competitive advantage.  

Create a character of trust. Be a person of integrity. Build an atmosphere where people know they can count on you and trust you to do what you say you will. Establishing credibility is key! People will be eager to follow your lead on new ideas when they know they can trust where you will take them. 

Dont let the fear of failure hold you back! And dont be afraid to hear the word no! Rejection is an opportunity for growth and learningIt just puts you on a new course for the same goal. As Thomas Edison said, I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work.” Keep pushing yourself forward! 

Remember, intrapreneurs are leaders. Make sure you have a sense of ownership where you are. Believe that the company needs you and needs your ideas. Take on the responsibility to make your company a better place. Be ambitious and inspire those around you!  

Take risks, and let your creativity flow! You may be the next big thing your company needs!