Let’s go back in time for a minute, to when you were about six years old, and Santa Claus was real. You wrote him a wonderful letter detailing all of the fabulous toys you wished he would bring. 

And then you forgot to give it to your parents to mail.   

You just learned your first lesson in the value of planning and organization.  

A letter to Santa is the first “wish list” many of us ever compile….and sometimes the ONLY one. But why do we stop? Why, once we reach that stodgy old state of adulthood, do we give up the idea of ever writing down our wishes, goals, hopes and dreams? 

Is it just because we realize it’s up to US to deliver on them, and not Santa?  

Well, why should we be any less organized?  

It’s an old cliché, but I’ll say it anyway: You can’t get what you want until you KNOW what you want. And the first step in making your goals a reality is writing them down where you can see them.  

It’s an action step, and without action, wishes never go beyond fantasy.  

But a wish list, even in its most rudimentary form, is a form of visualization. It helps you puts your ideas into some tangible sense of existence, even if they’re just words on a screen.  

Why does Amazon have both a “Wish List” AND a cart? Because Amazon knows you can’t get everything you want in one quick click. (Although many people try!) 

It takes time to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals, just like it might take you a few months to save up for that massage chair with the magic fingers. You want it, and you know someday you’re going to get it. So until you do, it stays highly visible, right there on your wish list.  

My five steps to sales success are designed to help you turn wishes into reality! 

PLAN for success.

How are you going to save the money to make that purchase? What can you cut out? Where can you earn extra income?  

LOOK for opportunities.

To reach a fiscal goal, you usually need to either create extra income, or reduce expenses. Look for opportunities to do both. 

LISTEN to advice.

Many others have been in your boat—find a voice you can trust, and take time to listen to their ideas and stories.  

ASK for what you want.

When it’s time to put your plan into action, don’t expect anything to happen until you ask for it.  

And FOLLOW-UP after you get it.

Somebody, somewhere will have been involved in helping you reach your destination—make sure they know you appreciate them! 

Transforming a “wish list” into a list of achievements can be done, if you pursue it strategically, persistently, and honestly.  

So, what’s on YOUR wish list?