It’s almost time for Spring Break. Remember those good old days of vacation, when you got a week off from school to relax, sleep in and catch up on your favorite TV shows? 

Wouldn’t it be lucky if every company gave employees a Spring Break? 

OK, that’s probably not happening. But that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a break for yourself this month—or at least start planning for your summer vacation (more on that later). 

Create your own luck

This St. Patrick’s Day and give yourself a mini-Spring Break. Even one extra day off of work could do you a world of good in a world of uncertainty. In fact, in a poll by human resources firm Cornerstone, 87% of employees said they find a three-day weekend even more relaxing than a week-long vacation. 

That’s because your emails and voicemails don’t have so much time to pile up and overwhelm you when you get back to work. 

I get it: This pandemic is officially one year old, and you need a nap. You need a change of scenery that looks nothing like the Zoom background on your computer screen. Or a chance to take a breath. A day to yourself. 

Take it. Just schedule one or two days for yourself—this month and then again at least once every three months. 

To ensure your success at work, you plan out your days, months and years so you will take the steps necessary to reach your goals. 

When it’s time to take a break, you should do the same thing. Why? What you plan for is what you’re most likely to do.  

Plan your time

To make sure you’re getting enough time away from your computer screen—or your workplace if you’re already back—create some new routines. For example: 

  • Every quarter, plan a four-day weekend. You’ll only spend two days of vacation time on a long weekend, and you’ll get so much back in return. Segment the days: Day 1: Tie up loose ends. Day 2: Chill. Day 3: Find the most un-work-like thing you can do to stimulate your brain and your senses. Day 4: Rest and wind down. 
  • Plan your summer vacation now. Like most everyone else, you probably skipped your vacation last year to keep yourself and your family safe from coronavirus. Like most everyone else, if you decide to book a warm-weather getaway this year, you’ll be competing for reservations. Book now so you don’t miss out. 
  • Schedule a Spring Break for yourself every year in March or April. Spring is the midway point between the December holidays and summer vacation. Don’t work for six months straight without substantial downtime. 
  • Share your Spring Break stories with us on our social media (see our links below). We’d love to know about your creative strategies for unwinding and unplugging. 

You’ll go back to work refreshed, ready to work and with something fun to look forward to: your next mini-vacation.