Isn’t it ironic that one of the first words a child usually learns to say is “no”? Especially when all we want to hear – at any age – is YES! 

Unfortunately, some people grow up and set themselves up to hear “no” in every situation. They feel life is out to get them or they aren’t worth it so they may as well not even try to go for a “yes” in life. Most of us seriously underestimate our chances of getting a “yes” when we ask for something. This is especially true if the person we are asking has said “no” to us in the past. 

But the key to getting a yes, is to know how to pitch yourself, your idea, your need. Before you pitch, you need to plan. How can you sell your pitch if you don’t know what you want?  

Every day we are selling something! We are selling an idea, an attitude, a favor, a project or a lifestyle to our boss, to our team, to our kids, to our partner, to our client – even to the frazzled barista who forgot to put that extra shot of peppermint in your latte! Every little thing you get in life, is because of some sort of transaction. (I bet you started taking that extra shot of peppermint in your latte because someone sold you on the idea!)   

Here’s a truth bomb for you: People who plan get better results than those who do not. They are clear on what they want and make a plan so it is clear to the person they are asking. When you have this in place you get a boost in confidence. And it comes down to confidence. Those who plan to hear ‘yes’ usually do. And what’s more, if they hear no, they don’t take it like a personal setback or permanent status. How many times have you said yes to someone because they seemed to know what they were talking about?! Too many to count!  

Whether we are at work or play, life has endless opportunities to sell someone on saying yes. No matter where you are, start quietly paying attention to the daily interactions that require a decision from someone else. An extra shot in your coffee… a deal with a client… a compromise with your partner… all moments where you’ve sold an idea and someone has a decision to make. It’s a life sale! So keep your eyes peeled and you will start to see LifeSales happening around you all the time. And the more aware you are – the more you will be able to master getting the yes you want. 

Here’s a tip: When you’re trying to make a “sale,” and you think you’ve given the other person all the information he or she needs to decide whether to say “yes” to your request, ask another question. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll uncover about what the person wants or needs and how you might be able to help out. That’s what it’s all about – finding what benefits the other person as well – and thereby finding the YES!