In honor of February, the month of love, skip the roses and chocolate and focus a little to be more loving to yourself with some self-investment. There’s no better place to put your time and energy because if your cup is empty, you can’t help anyone else. And you know I talk a lot about asking for and giving help!

Investing in yourself benefits you professionally and personally – your mindset, your drive, your health, your satisfaction. So, whatever investing in yourself means – now is the time to set those goals. This isn’t a resolution – this is a step forward in where you were already going. For me, it’s easy to let those goals and progress just stagnant during the holiday season. It’s time to ramp that back up and determine what investing in YOU looks like!

  1. Read a book. Not just any book – look for a book that challenges you. Maybe it’s a business book or a how-to book or even an old classic you’ve been meaning to read. It doesn’t matter, so long as it’s investing in you. Reading not only invests in your knowledge and brainpower but your downtime and relaxation. (For those who hate reading – podcasts and audiobooks apply here too!)
  2. Take a class, seminar or workshop. There are so many ways to advance your learning from instruction! College courses, online academies, training, tutorials – all available at your fingertips. Be sure to check out what your employer offers too! Some employers will cover the fees of online training if you make a case for how it will improve your work. Also, check local YMCA’s and community centers for free or low-cost alternatives. Whether you learn new sales tools or how to make stained glass, you’ll be investing in your mind and building self-esteem.
  3. Learn a new skill. Number 2 is about pushing past your plateau. Is there something you’ve always been curious about? Tap into your creativity (and yes, we ALL have a creative side) and explore it. You may not be a prodigy, but you will have pushed your boundaries and invested in learning.
  4. Knock out a bucket list item. It’s really easy to push off stuff you’ve been wanting to see or do, thinking you have all the time in the world. The last two years have taught us that’s not always true. Pick one thing you’ve wanted to do and do it! You don’t have to fly to Spain or bungee jump; you can do smaller items too, like go to that museum you’ve been eye-balling or that concert you missed the last two years. Hike that trail that seems monstrous, or take that motorcycle ride you read about. Whatever your bucket list item is, you’ll be investing in your heart and soul.

Scrap the cards and hearts and spend some you-time! That’s daunting and overwhelming in a time when we don’t know what the next month, week or day holds. Instead, come away with perhaps the most sound investment you could ever make!