Have you ever done something nice for someone and didn’t hear ‘thank you’ or any kind of appreciation? It’s not like I set out to hear ‘thank you’ all day long, but let’s face it – some things deserve a little shout out of gratefulness!  

My friend, Jessica, and her mom have a yummy tradition of getting Dungeness crab every year for Christmas Eve. Last year, Jessica went to grab some of the crabs on her way to her mom’s house. She was running late and fortunately, it was early enough there was no wait. And there was a very good reason for that… the small shop’s credit card machine wasn’t working. Christmas Eve of a major holiday where very few people carry cash and are not always their nicest selves! It’s like a business’s worst nightmare!  

There wasn’t an ATM anywhere near the small market, and to drive and find one would’ve added another 30 mins to Jessica’s already frantic commute to her mom’s house. Sadly, she pulled a $5 bill – her only cash – from her purse, certainly not enough to cover expensive Dungeness!  

But the business owner said, “You know what? I can tell you live in the neighborhood; just come back before the end of the week with the money.” Jessica stared at him in disbelief, this guy didn’t know her at all was giving her one of his most popular holiday items based on pure trust!  

This stranger knew he was saving her time on this frantic eve, but what he didn’t know was he was giving her valuable time with her mom on a holiday during what was a traumatic time for her. 

Jessica returned right after Christmas with the cash in hand, homemade cookies for his crew, and a huge thank you. Now anytime she goes to that market, they call her “Cookie”!  

You’d be amazed how a simple thank you, and recognition of hard work, professionalism, or simple favor can change someone’s attitude.  

Gratefulness works miracles, I’m telling you! And it will work well for you in the long run. What is someone’s motivation for helping you later on if you aren’t grateful for the help the first time around? We all spend every day in sales mode – and attitude makes all the difference. So be sure to carry an attitude of gratitude!  

Here’s the thing about gratefulness: It NEVER expires! It’s also never too late to say thank you. Sometimes in the digital age, we are so disconnected from one another that we forget what genuine gratefulness looks like. Make a sale? Or someone does a favor for you? If you can, look them in the eye and say thank you – be intentional and most of all, specific! Something like, “Thank you for trusting me enough to open a new account with me.” Can’t see them in person? You should still show your gratitude: write it in a personal note or make a personal call. It makes all the difference!  

As it turns out, when we share the love, the love comes back at you ten-fold. When you’re specific, intentional and sincere, there are no limits to what others will want to do for you!