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Setting Boundaries

You put in countless hours and pour your heart and soul into accomplishing your plan. But no matter how hard you try; it just doesn’t seem to be working.

My plan isn’t working… now what??

You put in countless hours and pour your heart and soul into accomplishing your plan. But no matter how hard you try; it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Building a network

Your network can determine your success! Knowing the right people in the right places can enable you to land that dream job, acquire that ideal client and really excel at what you do.

Making Yourself Accountable

The truth is, your success depends upon your accountability. You are the only one who can really do this! Here’s how to motivate yourself to your best level of achievement. After all, it is up to you! 

Finding the courage to quit

Do you find that your job no longer challenges you? Or maybe your work environment is just downright toxic? So much of your life is spent on your career, so that time should be satisfying! If you are miserable, what is the point?!

What’s on your wish list?

A letter to Santa is the first “wish list” many of us ever compile….and sometimes the ONLY one. But why do we stop?

Networking the Holiday Party Like a Boss

Whether you’re the boss, part of a team or someone’s date – parties can be a great self-marketing tool! Networking the holiday party requires a little extra finesse though.

Grief when you’re unemployed

Dealing with grief from losing a job? Yes! We tend to have pre-set expectations about what our career will be like but when it doesn’t work out like that, it’s a very real grief from a very real loss.

What Differentiates You?

What really makes you different than the competition? I am not talking about ‘service’ or price…but what really makes you stand out from the rest?

What’s On Top of Your Mind?

If you’re doing it right, you go into every sales call with a clear idea of your goal, your prospect’s needs, and the strategies you’re going to use to connect the dots.  

Always Keep  Improving 

Always keep improving sounds funny for someone who makes a living presenting to large audiences, right? But part of my life plan is to always keep improving.  

Make Room for Success

My friend hadn’t made room for the possibility that she would actually reach her goal and so now she was struggling with the end result – success! Sometimes we keep our head down, so focused on the immediate goal that we fail to pat ourselves on the back at the milestones (or allow others to toot our horn!).  

Questions to always ask in an interview

Whether on an interview for a new job, going for a promotion, or pitching services to a new client, you should be interviewing them as much as they are you!  

T.A.L.K. it out

I’ve developed a technique called the T.A.L.K. Model. It’s how to have a real, meaningful conversation with a prospect or client so you can figure out how you can help them. Talk to them, really talk.

Every day interviews

Indeed, as we work toward goals we have planned, we need to think of everyone we encounter as an interview. Everyone is a prospect, after all! 

My Sales Story

I thought I was born to be a college professor. I went to grad school, got a Ph.D. in Communication and then taught courses in public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership – you name it. Then how the heck did I end up being the First Lady of Sales?

ASK: Ask to Offer

One of the best skills you can develop is how to give someone options in order to get a YES. We all like to have options. No one likes to be told what they like, what they don’t, what they want, what they will do, what they won’t. We like choices.  

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